Invitation to Tender: Town Centre Wardens Scheme

Invitation to Tender

Town Centre Wardens Project

August 2018

  1. Introduction

Introduction to One Maidstone BID

One Maidstone BID is the newly formed Business Improvement District organisation for Maidstone town centre.

Building upon the foundations laid in its previous incarnations as Maidstone Town Centre Management and more recently the One Maidstone CIC the BID will work to deliver the projects and objectives set out in its business plan.  This document was devised from extensive consultation with Maidstone’s business community.  The projects will be funded by a levy paid by the businesses that fall within the BID’s boundary and who have a rateable value that exceeds £15k.  As such it is essential that the BID satisfies the objectives, needs and priorities of the businesses.

Introduction to the town centre wardens project

Through the consultation mentioned above it quickly became apparent that the top concerns of Maidstone’s businesses were around perceptions of a lack of safety, a poor first impression of the town centre for visitors and customers and crime, in particular anti social behaviour relating to vagrancy, begging and youth gang culture in certain areas of the town centre.

These concerns were so strong that One Maidstone took the decision to ‘front load’ it’s five year business plan under the ‘Manage’ heading to focus on addressing some of these house keeping issues.  The town centre warden project was a key selling point within the business plan when inviting businesses to vote for the BID.

One Maidstone has for a number of years provided town centre marshals in the town centre on weekend nights.  Initially this began as taxi rank marshals but evolved into a wider more general marshalling discipline, providing a level of reassurance to other night time economy partners such as the Urban Blue bus (mobile triage unit) and the Street Pastors.

This was further supplemented in 2017 with a trial period of day time marshals to ‘test the water’ for a more extensive scheme and to ascertain the needs of day time economy businesses.  The experiment was very well received and saw a demonstrable level of success with engagement both with members of the public in meeting and greeting, and also with those people and offenders that were participating in anti social behaviour.  We now seek to refine this project and provide a service for town centre businesses and their customers on a daily basis.

 Evaluation criteria

Any contract award will be made on a competitive basis in order to achieve value for money.

Competitive quotations from at least three suppliers where possible will be obtained and will be treated fairly and without favouritism.  Suppliers will be requested to submit their quotations in writing.  Contracts will be awarded based on the Company policy and the factors outlined in the above statement.  The successful bidder will be identified by the One Maidstone BID Board of Directors.

  1. Procurement Timetable

Return date for tenders: 14 September 2018

Decision date: 19 September 2018

Project commencement date: 1 October 2018

  1. Project specification

To provide a daily uniformed presence into Maidstone town centre.

Baseline provision:

  • two wardens per day 11.00 to 17.00 or 13.00 to 19.00 Monday to Thursday
  • two wardens per day 14.00 to 20.00 Friday
  • two wardens per day 11.00 to 17.00 Saturday
  • two wardens per night 23.00 to 05.00 Saturday
  • two wardens per day 11.00 to 16.30 Sunday

Ad hoc and additional cover will also be requested at certain key trading times or for certain events and activities in the town centre for One Maidstone and partners.

Wardens will be regular members of staff and One Maidstone would expect them to be the same members of personnel where shifts allow to foster familiarity in the town centre for businesses.  Relief staff will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

Duties will include but not be limited to:

  • Fostering a safe, friendly, welcoming environment for town centre users
  • Warning and informing vagrants about the Public Space Protection Order
  • Confiscating alcohol and drugs where appropriate and liaising with Police
  • Warning and informing gang members
  • Monitoring busker behaviour in the town centre
  • Monitoring charity activity in the town centre
  • Visiting businesses to gather intelligence for MaidSafe partnership
  • Meeting and greeting members of the public
  • Stewarding at events as and when required
  • Reporting of cleanliness issues that need addressing
  • Working in partnership with town centre PCSO’s
  • Working in partnership with town centre cleansing teams
  • Participating in the MaidSafe partnership
  • Supporting Urban Blue and Street Pastor volunteers
  • Report anything that undermines the vibrancy and well being of the town centre
  1. Contract requirements and terms


Contractor/wardens will be CSAS accredited in particular areas that would allow enforcement of confiscation of alcohol for example

Wardens will have undertaken health and safety training

A DBS check will be required for wardens

Wardens will wear the uniform provided by One Maidstone.

Wardens will use a MaidSafe radio and body camera.

Further Police vetting may also be required for wardens

Participation in the MaidSafe partnership is essential.  Any intelligence gathered will be considered to be One Maidstone’s intellectual property and must be shared with the company without delay.  This includes notes and body camera footage.

Intelligence will also be shared with partners and members at the discretion of One Maidstone.

Some customer service training for wardens will be required/may be provided.

Terms and Conditions of Contract

The contract will be awarded for a twenty-four month period with a break clause at twelve months but will be reviewed periodically throughout its term for performance and value.

Either party may terminate the contract giving no less than one month’s notice.

If you or your company would like to respond to this invitation to tender please email or if you have any questions please call Ilsa Butler on 01622 678777.

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